How To Train Your Dragon’s Dogma by hPa

How To Train Your Dragon’s Dogma by hPa

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i say “hour of need” as if my desire for Billy/Rebecca fanwork isn’t an all consuming ever present black hole. hahah  ha

i can always count on user 221 to draw Billy and/or Rebecca in my hour of need



i  had even more scenarios running around in my head as I assembled lawnmower parts!! they included

  • a next chapter for my “incendiary” series of fics about fire and as it relates to Rebecca
  • little bits for the next chapter for “Drinks and Dogtags”


Artist: まめばと


the Lannisters always pay their debts, i don’t see why they can’t pay mine too

I was also thinking of a fic where Chris has (informal? Fancy?? A date??) dinner with each of his partners- Rebecca, Jill, Claire, Sheva, Piers. Like they’re trying out normal mundane things